Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Shocking Information

“If you or your loved ones are noticing early signs of Alzheimer’s [or dementia] you must take immediate action. What should you do? See your neurologist and start taking drugs? Start doing puzzles and brain games? Check your prescription drugs to see if any cause dementia or Alzheimer’s? All of the above? Well, for sure you should check your prescription drugs. But did you know that there is a treatment that is safe, effective, and free? This treatment can improve your attention, improve your memory scores, increase growth in your brain memory regions, and even improve your heart health.”

–Health Alert, Vol. 29, No. 11

If you or a loved one are involved with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you know there are simply no medical answers. The drugs do not work. The side effects can turn a person with mild dementia into a raving lunatic. And aside from this, treating and caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s is not only ineffective, it can send you into financial ruin.

The Huge Costs of Dementia and Alzheimer

The National Institute on Aging says that approximately $200 billion was spent to care for people with dementia in the U.S. in 2010–rivaling the costs of cancer and heart disease! Of this cost, roughly $11 billion was paid by Medicare. The rest was paid by you. And they say that “within 30 years,” dementia [costs] may be in a league of its own” [emphasis mine].

Baby boomers like me, and possibly you, have less kids to take care of them when they age, and when they may develop dementia or Alzheimer’s. That means the money you have set aside for retirement will quickly be gobbled up caring for a loved one. And these amazing costs do not cover treatment for dementia–which is expensive, ineffective, and dangerous.

“New” Old Treatment

There is a treatment that works and is effective. It is now proclaimed effective by medicine. And it is free. It is the same treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s that we have proclaimed for many years–exercise. With the costs going up and no medical treatments on the horizon, you need to be involved in exercise if you or your loved ones are showing any signs of dementia.

Novel Exercise Program May trump Meds for Dementia was the headline from the March 20, 2013, American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. Medical scientists have taken exercise for people suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s and made it even better–better than any drug. Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco have introduced a special exercise that keeps patients moving and at the same time mindful of their body awareness. That means having patients work on their memory through exercise by having them repeat the same sequence of movements over and over. And it worked.

Virtually all dementia and Alzheimer’s scores improved dramatically when measured using the standard medical analyses for these kinds of patients. And the improvement was meaningful enough to improve the standard of living for the patients as well as their caregivers. To date no drug or drugs can do this. For now this kind of exercise is still being studied. But you do not have to wait.

Great Exercises for Everyone

If you can take a strong walk, or have your loved one who suffers with dementia take a strong walk daily, their memory will improve. If you or they are well enough to lift weights–like some simple dumbbells in your living room–your results will be even better, And using your opposite arm and leg while walking will improve your results even more. That means your right arm goes forward with your left leg, and your left arm goes forward with your right leg. This kind of movement is called cross-crawl, and it stimulates a portion of your brain involved with balance and memory.

Enhance Results with Nutrition

Best yet, to supercharge your brain, add a daily dose of brain food to your exercise program. Eat a Mediterranean diet and get good omega-3’s by eating fish and taking Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3-6 capsules daily). And if you or your loved ones are already beginning to suffer with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, add coconut oil. The medium-chain triglycerides found in the kind of fat in coconut oil can help for early dementia and Alzheimer’s. Make sure you get quality coconut oil. I recommend Omega Nutrition 100% Organic Coconut Oil (2 tablespoons daily).

Take Action Now

You can’t wait for medicine. As usual they will be looking in the wrong places with programs like the National Alzheimer’s Project Act from January 2011, and the new Brain Initiative announced by President Obama on April 2, 2013. They will spend billions of dollars mapping the brain, examining the genome (DNA and gene sequences) in patients, and developing more and more brain-altering drugs. Little time will be spent examining the burgeoning numbers of brain damaging prescription drugs, more and more vaccines, and the brain-numbing typical American diet. Just as little time will be spent on the one treatment that is better than any drug–exercise, or the combination treatment that is even better still–exercise and nutrition.

So the sooner you take action the better. Don’t just sit and watch your memory degrade, feeling powerless to do anything about it. Exercise! Use weight lifting, strong walks, and cross-crawl walking. Eat a Mediterranean diet. Take omega-3 fatty acid nutrition found in cod liver oil, and take pure coconut oil. Your oils must be the correct ones–there is no substituting for the real thing. We’ve made special arrangements to get you the correct products at reduced prices at the Health Alert Store (, or 1-800-231-8063).

Exercise is now absolutely proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the most effective treatment for memory loss. The treatment is far safer and less expensive than any drugs. And exercise is even more effective when combined with nutrition. If this protocol can stave off dementia, even delay full-time care, you have saved your dollars ear-marked for retirement. Do not wait. Get started now.