Being a physically active person offers up some amazing advantages: increased strength and endurance, stress relief, higher immunity to disease and illnesses, enhanced blood circulation and many other health benefits. Unfortunately, everything that has a pro, also has a con. When you are physically active, you need to take precautions and ensure proper preventive care. Without the right preventive care treatments in place you could suffer from tears, fractures or sprains.

Santa Rosa Chiropractic has a great understanding about sports medicine and sports related injuries. We are able to offer you the preventive tools necessary to keep your body safe while competing. We can diagnose you to get a full understanding of why your injury occurred; help with the recovery of an existing injury, and of course prevent future injuries through nutritional analysis. We offer a full range of helpful services that include tools to help you maintain optimal health.

Dr. Ridgeway understands there are various types of sport related injuries and he is well versed in any muscular trauma or skeletal trauma that you may be suffering from. We are able to handle any injury and can offer neurological, orthopedic as well as chiropractic testing to properly diagnose the injury and offer a well-coordinated treatment and rehabilitation plan.