Chronic headaches or migraines are often caused from altered nerve impulses. These alterations are easily corrected by a holistic approach through chiropractic treatments.  Your headaches may be intermittent, but just because there is no pain at the moment does not mean they are not waiting in the background ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Santa Rosa Chiropractic will help to relieve you from your pain by correctly aligning your vertebrae. A misaligned vertebra can cause nerve interference that is the ultimate cause for your headaches. A recent article in JAMA, 9 out of 10 headaches were proven to have a neuro-muscular or a skeletal origin.

The most effective way to eliminate headaches and migraines is through chiropractic treatment.

Spinal correction is done through a series of adjustments that are done to restore the spine to its optimal position. The patient is taught how to maintain this position through healthier living techniques and physical therapy.

You can think of corrective care like orthodontics for your spine. The gentle adjustments and specialized exercises are designed to help you regain proper alignment in your spine. You will undergo a low dose x-ray to help the doctor monitor your alignment process to ensure that everything is going as planned with your treatment.

Once balance is restored in your spinal column your nerve function will enhance and stress will release from your body. This allows any hidden causes for your chronic headaches or migraines to surface and be treated.

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