Your First Visit

Your first visit to the Santa Rosa Chiropractic Associates Dr. Ridgeway will discuss your medical history and listen to any of your concerns. During a thorough examination that may include joint and muscle testing, posture and gait analysis as well as low dose x-rays, you and the doctor will work towards finding a treatment that is right for you.

Your treatment plan will be based on the results of your initial examination. If Dr. Ridgeway believes that your situation is not a chiropractic one, he will then refer you to a specialist that can help treat you and your condition.

If it is determined that you could benefit from chiropractic treatment you will then be given a plan of treatment that consists of four phases: Relief, Corrective, Rehabilitation and Wellness.

The Relief Phase: This phase of the treatment is designed to offer you instant relief from your pain. When symptoms are intense and the pain seems unmanageable, electronic muscle stimulation, massage therapy and ultrasound may be used to help offer the immediate relief your body needs.

The Corrective Phase: This phase of treatment is designed to help you achieve increased mobility and function once your symptoms are greatly improved or gone.

The Rehabilitation Phase: This treatment phase is designed to focus on strengthening your spine and correctively ensuring it is aligned properly for optimal relief. You will notice an increased strength along with better mobility and increased energy.

The Wellness Phase: The wellness phase is designed to keep your body healthy once you have obtained optimal health. You can continue regular chiropractic visits as part of a preventive treatment for future problems, as a part of maintaining your current health or to deal with any new injuries that may occur.

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