Synthetic Vitamins Can Be Dangerous

“Truly natural nutrients are in a class of their own. They are made from food or animal sources, and they contain ancillary nutritional substances and enzymes as found in nature.”

Health Alert, Vol. 1, No. 1 (32 years ago!)

I wrote that statement more than 32 years ago! In June 2015, we discovered how amazingly true the statement still is. Our discovery has made us much more wary about the dangers of synthetic nutritional supplements. You see, one of our doctors had a bad heart. He worked with one of our nutritional leaders in Colorado and got his heart normalized after a few months using diet, exercise, and whole-food nutritional supplements including Cardio-Plus and Cataplex B from Standard Process. After a few months on this protocol his heart was beating regularly and strongly. And his heart graph proved it, printing out as perfect.

The Test

Then came the discovery. You see, we know that when you suck on a substance, a small amount is absorbed through the membranes in your mouth to enter your bloodstream in just a few minutes–long before you actually digest the substance. Using this knowledge, and while our patient was hooked up to the heart graph machine, producing a smooth, steady graph, our same doctor placed a synthetic heart supplement under the patient’s tongue. Some of the B vitamins were synthetic, some produced in China.

The Results

Within 10 minutes our patient’s heart was clearly demonstrating severe problems. These included a strong arrhythmia (abnormal beat), fibrillation (a weak vibrating of the heart muscle instead of a strong beat), and early signs of heart block (nerve impulses not getting through to the heart muscle properly). All within 10 minutes from the time a synthetic supplement was placed under his tongue and a tiny amount hit his bloodstream and quickly entered his heart!

This is absolutely proof-positive that in some instances synthetic nutritional supplements (all store-bought supplements) can be not only useless, but dangerous. Fortunately for most patients, and for the supplement makers, your body excretes 95% of these chemicals quickly in your urine. But if our doctor-patient in this case were to take the synthetic heart supplement two or three times daily for years, his heart would surely suffer. In his case he would be better off taking nothing than taking synthetic heart supplements.


It is amazing how our bodies know what they need, can recognize real nutrition, and can just as easily recognize chemicals masquerading as nutrition. It was only in the last few years that we finally proved that plants, other living foods, and plant nutritional supplements contain microscopic genetic materials called microRNAs, which directly alter your gene expression–the way your genes talk to the cells of your body.

With proper diet and nutritional supplements, the microRNAs target specific nutrients to specific parts of your body as needed via your genes. For example thyroid food like iodine is targeted to your thyroid gland. And heart food from whole plant nutrition is targeted to your heart. MicroRNAs from other nutrition will affect your kidneys, joints, bones, and so on. This phenomenon has been reported in the scientific journals as, “Edible plants ‘talk to’ animal cells in your body.” The whole process is known as epigenetics–how your genes are affected by nutrition. None of this happens with synthetic supplements.

Real Nutrition–Supplements That Include MicroRNAs

One thing is for sure. And we all saw it clearly in the heart graphs. The human body needs real, whole food. And when it cannot get sufficient real, whole food, it needs supplements made from the same. These supplements must be whole and processed without heat or chemicals to maintain the life force (microRNAs) of the food. “There is no difference between a real vitamin complex and a synthetic vitamin” is a farce and a scam perpetrated on us by the medical and supplement (pharmaceutical) industries to make money.

Amazingly whole food nutritional supplements–though painstakingly produced from the earth, to the seed, to the plant, to the harvesting, to the processing without heat or chemicals, to the testing, to the final product–are actually cheap when compared to nutritionally-deficient synthetic chemical products. And even more amazingly they break all sales records with no deceiving glitzy advertising because the public has discovered that they really work. Our heart products Cardio-Plus and Cataplex B by Standard Process have been breaking sales records without advertising since being first produced in 1956 and 1934–over 80 years ago!