30 Days to Look and Feel Better

There are many facts, theories and ideas when it comes to health and nutrition. But there are two facts that are indisputable. These are two facts that all opposing parties in the health and nutrition world cannot disagree on. They are:

Fact #1:  People that eat the Western diet of highly processed, sugar-laden, chemically altered foods suffer high rates of diseases such as diabetes, heart and coronary artery disease, joint disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. In fact, most degenerative diseases, which are responsible for eating up more than 80% of our entire $2 trillion annual health bill, are caused by the Western diet.

Virtually all of type 2 diabetes and obesity is caused by this diet. And eight out of ten people with heart and coronary artery disease have this diet as the root cause of their disease. Finally, one of every three people with cancer can trace their cancer to this diet. And these are just a few examples that are testament to the indisputable Fact #1.

Fact #2:  People that eat traditional diets generally do not suffer from these diseases. And it almost does not matter if the diet is high protein, high fat, or high carbohydrate. What does matter is that traditional diets are composed of real food, totally unlike the highly processed foods of the Western diet.

The Western diet is not really the cause of our disease and suffering. We are – by choosing to eat unhealthy processed foods while neglecting real food. If you get off the Western diet, you will enjoy dramatic health improvements in a short period of time. Studies have shown that if you get off the Western diet for just 6 short months, you will enjoy an 80% reduction in your risk of getting heart and/or coronary artery disease, a 90% reduction in your risk of getting type 2 diabetes, a 70% risk reduction in getting colon cancer, and so on.

And what is the food, medical, media and pharmaceutical industries’ response to these amazing facts- facts that if acted on could balance the health care budget in a year? They ignore them. And why? Because there is too much money to be made in selling highly processed foods, and then caring for and producing drugs and medical treatments for all the people who do not know they can cure themselves. Instead, we search for the “culprit” in our diet that causes our disease- be it trans-fats, or cholesterol, or red meat, or eggs, or butter, or whatever the topic of the month turns out to be.

Other try to promote the missing vitamin, amino acid, herb, or other nutrient as the “culprit” causing our diseases. The problem is that their solution almost always takes the form of another highly processed, chemicalized, and even industrialized substance that your body can barely digest and utilize. These “vitamin supplements” are usually produced and marketed for pennies, labeled as “natural,” and sold at hundreds of times their cost.

I can guarantee that all your disease parameters will improve, and that you will need to have your prescriptions weaned or eliminated. Once this is accomplished, your need for doctor visits will diminish and disappear. And you will feel and look better than you have in years.

It is not all that complicated. The indisputable facts are that we cause our own disease and suffering because food, medicine, and drugs are giant money-making industries. We can get off of the food/medical/pharmaceutical merry-go-round to enjoy major health improvements quickly, easily, and for free.