The Truth About High Potency Supplements

Most vitamins, no matter how potent, cannot be utilized by your body unless they combine with their natural counterparts that make them a whole complex. That is why long-term use of high-potency “vitamins” can actually produce profound nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. These “vitamin” supplements are fractionated or synthetic, making them incomplete nutritional fractions. Your body simply excretes most of these chemicals. And in a little-understood phenomenon, problems can be created as your body seeks out the missing nutritional counterparts to make the remaining unexcreted, fractionated “vitamins” whole. Since most of these nutritional counterparts are also lacking in most people, powerful nutritional deficiencies and imbalances can result. Long-term use of high potency “vitamins,” which are almost all the vitamin products you can buy, can make this problem even worse.

“In health and nutritional therapy, potency refers to the strength, effectiveness, force and energy of a nutritional supplement. And when it comes to true potency, there can be no substitute for a natural vitamin complex made from costly ingredients like raw, concentrated whole foods, containing all the unrefined foods’ natural nutritional components, enzymes, coenzymes, trace elements, minerals, trace minerals, other trace elements, and natural nutritional synergists – which activate the utilization of the vitamin complex.”

If only these products worked, it would make life so much easier. Then thousands of acres of organic crops would not be needed to provide the foods necessary to concentrate into true supplements. Large supplies of concentrated organs, glands and tissues would not be needed to provide the blueprint that directs nutrition where the body needs it. And the cost would be cut dramatically.

You see, fractionated or synthetic products are produced for pennies. They are then sold for hundreds of dollars. The process to make real, whole-food concentrates is both expensive and time-consuming. Still, compared to modern medicine, this type of nutritional therapy is dirt cheap. And as with all things, you cannot fool Mother Nature.

Whole-Food Supplements Superior Every Time – The Proof
Mother Nature knows what she is doing, especially in your body. Trying to shortcut nature generally results in failure, especially when it comes to treating people with diseases or health problems.

Scurvy: For example, scurvy is a vitamin C – Deficiency disease. Yet ascorbic acid (store bought “vitamin C”) will not cure scurvy, whereas lime juice, which contains the whole vitamin C complex, will. This is because the real vitamin C complex also contains vitamin P, vitamin K, minerals and trace minerals, the enzyme tyrosinase, and more, in addition to ascorbic acid. Real vitamin C supplements, which contain all the nutrition, found in the vitamin C complex, are Cataplex ACP, Congaplex and Cataplex C – all produced by Standard Process. In fact, when thousands of milligrams of ascorbic acid are tested with a lingual ascorbic acid test, a large percentage will demonstrate a vitamin C deficiency.

Beriberi and Heart Failure: Another example is the vitamin B – deficiency disease call beriberi. Produced by a thiamine deficiency, it is a muscle and nerve paralyzing disease that affects the heart, causing cardiac arrhythmias, heart block, extra heart beats, profound heart weakness, heart failure, and more.

This relationship can be readily demonstrated using an endocardiograph machine, which produces a graph of the heart’s function and sound (beat) that clearly shows the problems. Within 20 minutes of ingesting a real, whole, B-complex supplements, such as Standard Process’ Cataplex B or Cardio-Plus, the heart graph (and the heart) shows dramatic changes and improvement. Yet ingesting any amount of thiamine, or any other “super potent B vitamin,” fails to change the graph.

Chest Pain and a Weak Heart: A similar example using the endocardiograph has to do with vitamin F. Unsaturated fatty acids, also known as vitamin F are critical to the body’s ability to move calcium from the blood into the tissues, including the heart muscle. A heart starving for calcium shows a specific and clear abnormality that is easy to read from the heart graph (endocardiograph). When you supply real, whole vitamin F in the form of Cataplex F or Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (from Green Pastures), this heart problem begins to resolve within 5-10 minutes, as evidenced on the heart graph. But if you use an industrialized cod liver oil (where the natural vitamins A and D are removed and replaced with synthetics), or a store-bought, super-refined fish oil product, the graph simply does not change.

Angina: Another example is angina and chest pain produced by a lack of nutrients in the blood delivered to the heart muscle due to early blockage or coronary vessel spasm. Ingesting vitamin G (the soothing portion of the vitamin B complex) and/or vitamin E2 (the oxygen-facilitating portion of the vitamin E complex) from Cataplex G or Cataplex E2 (both from Standard Process) produces relief, often within 15 minutes. But ingesting any other store-bought vitamins B or E, no matter what type, rand, potency, and dose, will do nothing.

Leg Cramps: Another example is severe muscle and leg cramps due to calcium and mineral deficiencies. Cramps like these have ended many professional athletes’ careers. In the most severe cases, taking vitamin F, iodine, and live extract in the form of Cataplex F (From Standard Process), brings prompt relief in minutes. No store-bought product, including the most “magical” of calcium supplements, will accomplish this.

Inflamed Coronary Arteries:  A final example is inflamed coronary arteries that lead to blockages and plaque. This problem is a major killer, leading to coronary artery disease (CAD), plaque buildup, clogged arteries, heart attacks, and death. The diagnostic signal of inflamed arteries is an elevated C – reactive protein (CRP) level in the blood. The natural antidote is a whole-foods diet and concentrated bioflavonoids – in particular, buckwheat. Taking the buckwheat phytochemical complex Cyruta -Plus (from Standard Process) is too artery inflammation as water is to fire- it routinely lowers inflammation and normalizes CRP levels.

Yet the supplement-makers would have you believe that oxygen is destroying our bodies by causing free radicals that, among other things, inflame our arteries. They say that our only salvation is to ingest mountains of super high-potency antioxidants that they make for pennies but sell for $50 or more. Yet most of the “plaque-busting,” “artery-scrubbing” super-high-potency antioxidants for sale in stores and catalogs routinely fail to normalize CRP levels – another example of the antioxidant scam in America and why we need whole-food and phytochemical complexes for nutritional supplements.

The list goes on and on. And the reason the list goes on and on is simple: “High-potency,” synthetic or fractionated supplements simply fail to do the job. That is why, when it comes to serious heart disease or any other condition, the true term potency is synonymous with low-dose, whole-food, raw, vitamin complexes, concentrates, and extracts. These are the tools we use to get the job done.