Diabetes: The Money Making Epidemic

The diabetes epidemic continues to fly under the radar. And that is just what pharmaceutical and organized medicine folks want. The reason is simple. Right now 1 in 10 Americans has type 2 diabetes—a disease cause by eating junk and failing to exercise.

By the mid 2000s, it will be 1 in 3! This truly astounding statistic should be front-page news as one of the greatest threats to our nation. Instead, it is barely discussed except for television commercials touting that “We deliver your diabetes supplies right to your door for free. We’ll even bill Medicaid for you” or commercials that simply skim the surface of this truly epidemic disease. And, why not? Diabetes is a $116 billion annual industry in the United States. This is how America has been taught to deal with diabetes and it simply means that the medical and pharmaceutical industries will make three times more money—approaching half-trillion dollars annually.


It is a giant scam that comes together like a spy novel. The processed and fast-food industries continue to serve up the pseudo-foods that cause diabetes. The public buys and consumes this garbage by the megaton. They start their kids on it early by serving them sugar laden breakfast cereals because they have been taught by Madison Avenue that “Cereal is the breakfast of champions” when in fact, it is really the breakfast of diabetics. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues with the same old nonsense about eating lots of grains and avoiding real foods like eggs, meat, fish, cheese and whole milk.

5 Startling Diabetes Statistics

8.3 percent of the American population has diabetes

60 pecent of nontraumatic amputations are performed on people with diabetes

7 million people are living with diabetes and don’t know it

3,600 children are diagnosed with diabetes annually

85.2% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese

Treatment Can Do More Harm than Good

The entire treatment of diabetes involves drugs that do not stop the heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, leg ulcers, circulatory problems and amputations due to diabetes. In reality, the drug treatments have even been shown to cause heart attacks and strokes—the very problems they were supposed to prevent.

But the thing that does work perfectly is the profit raked in by agribusiness, the processed and fast food industries, organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industries.

Is It All A Part of A Grand Scheme?

Even the drain on social programs and Medicare are offset by the grand plan. After all, millions of Americans will not collect their Social Security benefits because they will die early from diabetes or one of its symptom diseases. And for all I know, perhaps behind closed doors, keeping the population down by inducing diabetes in one-third of the adult population is also part of some grand scheme.

To me, it is all disgusting. If we knew the real figures of just how many people die every single day due to the medical treatments of diabetes, we would all be shocked. But we will never know this number. And if you want to opt out of the scam, you’ll have to tell the government, the USDA, and probably even your doctor, that you’ve had enough.

Nutritional deficiencies—particularly of the glucose tolerance fact, which is made up of B vitamins, minerals and more—brought about by the dismal diet promoted by the government, the USDA, the processed food industry and organized medicine, combined with lack of exercise are the causes of type 2 diabetes. Nothing but treat the underlying cause will ever cure this disease.