Keep Your Sinuses Healthy

In the December 2010 issue of Health Alert we showed you how to clear sinus infections without antibiotics or surgery. (If you missed that article, call our office to get a copy.) But if you have had chronic sinus infections, congestion, allergies, and sinus problems for years or decades, you provably need preventive treatment for your sinuses, even after clearing your sinus infection.

If this is your situation, your goal, when you are sinus-infection free, is to keep your sinus membranes moist, soothed, and clear of irritants. This is often difficult if you live in a polluted environment; a harsh, cold, and dry winter environment; a dusty environment; or if you suffer from sinus allergies. These can all constantly dry and swell your sinuses, leaving you miserable.

When the air where you live is too dry, cold, or irritating, you will need herbs to help reduce the swelling and dryness of sinus membranes. Calendula and aloe vera are naturally soothing herbs for delicate membranes like those in your sinuses. And yarrow leaf is another natural way to reduce nasal membrane swelling. Enter Sinus Support. This spray contains these herbs plus grapefruit seed extract in a mild, supporting saline solutions that is ionically balanced for comfort when sprayed on sensitive nasal membranes.

If years of sinus problems, and/or a dry, cold, polluted, or irritated environment have plagued your sinuses, you can finally bathe them in a soothing and moisturizing spray every few hours until you are completely recovered. Sinus SupportTM  will cleanse your sinuses of irritants and keep your membranes from becoming inflamed and swollen at the same time. And unlike over-the-counter sprays, this one is healthful and not habit forming.

Sinus Allergies

If you suffer from sinus allergies, I know that you have been waiting for a safe, non-habit-forming protocol that can give you relief without making you a nose-spray addict. The end to your suffering is now here. Aside from making it hard to breathe and making you miserable, sinus allergies can be serious because they cause sinuses to close off, allowing pockets of bacteria and fungi to grow and cause infections. So if you are caught up in a world of chronic congestion, colds and fly, and sinus infections year in and year out, it is time to end all that.

For people with sinus allergies, or for those who are just chronically stuffed up, there is Congestion Relief. This fine spray contains yarrow, horseradish and elder flower to support  your sinus tissues’ production of natural antihistamine components to fight congestion. It also contains eye bright, calendula and aloe vera to help you during allergy season and with polluted air. And best yet, it is not habit forming like all other nasal sprays.

This type of herbal spray works directly in the sinus membrane cells, enhancing natural antihistamines that help normalize the mucus flow in your sinuses. And because this herbal product works directly on the sinus cells, rather than chemically shrinking the tissues, it is not habit forming like over-the-counter antihistamine products. So there is no rebound effect.

Remember that if your problem begins with sinus allergies, you must supplement nutritionally with Allerplex from Standard Process at a dose of 3-6 daily, and from 6-9 daily during the worst airborne allergy seasons. With the combined nutrition in Allerplex and the herbs in Congestion Relief, there is finally a safe, effective sinus allergy treatment that can change your life.

So if you have chronic sinus infection problems, use the protocol from my article, “Clearing Sinus Infections Without Antibiotics,” Health Alert, Vol. 27, No. 12. If you’ve suffered for years or live in an environment that causes sinus problems, use Sinus Support. And if you suffer from chronic sinus allergies, be sure to use Allerplex and Congestion Relief.

Leave all the drugs, antibiotics, antihistamines, sinus surgeries, and the months and years of suffering behind. Keep your sinuses open, moist, soother, and free of infection by using the correct nutrition, along with herbal decoction sprays and natural antimicrobials that do not cause side effect and are not habit forming. We have contracted to get Sinus Support and Congestion Relief for you at reduced prices. Just go to the Chiropractic Associates in Santa Rosa, CA located at 777 Farmers Lane for more information, or go ahead and give us a call at (707) 544-2400. Nutrition and herbs to help you cure an incurable problem—now there’s a treatment that will make you breathe easy.