Only “Live” Supplements Work

“When you use tissue-extract supplements, tiny amounts of genetic nutritional substance known as protomorphogens (also called micro-RNA today) trigger a specific response in your body”

There are dozens if not hundreds of non-drug and non-surgery treatments and therapies to help you regain your health. Just a few are acupuncture, fasting, osteopathy, chiropractic, meditation, massage, energy work, exercise, diet, gene therapy, light therapy, naturopathy, phototherapy, homeopathy, colon therapy, visualization, counseling, and so on. Without a doubt the easiest, simplest, most specific, cost-effective, and successful is nutrition. After all, you truly are what you eat, and everyone eats!

When it comes to nutrition, most peoples’ health problems require more than just a diet change. Years of poor and nutritional deficiencies and imbalances require the correct supplements just to catch up, and then to regain health. Despite this, nutritional therapy and supplements remain the quickest way to escape the downward medical spiral and regain your health.

The Business of Supplements
Unfortunately, the world of supplements is a sordid one indeed. Most supplements simply do nothing. Most are produced in a lab for less than the cost of the label on the jar, yet sold for $30, $40, even $50. The “miracle supplement of the day, month or year” is developed regularly, primarily using slick advertising. These all routinely hit the scrap-heap of “discarded miracle supplements” as people discover that once again, they are useless. But this is part of the supplement game. And these lost sales are soon made up by the next “miracle supplement of the day.”

Supplements only work if they are live and whole. This is true partly because, along with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, and a myriad of other nutritional cofactors, these kinds of supplements provide some of their intact genetic material via your bloodstream to improve the health of your cells, tissues, glands and organs. I wrote a summary of this phenomenon in 198! – in the quote at the top of this article – almost 30 years ago.

What’s a “Live” Supplement?
In 1987, and even today, for most organized medicine this concept was and is considered bunk because it was (is) thought that tissue extracts were broken down by your digestion into simple protein parts, thereby destroying any of their specific genetic benefits to your glands and organs. This is now known to be false, and it is proven that the genetic material of live,  properly processed supplements – containing glandular, organ and tissue extracts, and even plants – reach your bloodstream intact. This same material, known as protomorphogens or micro-RNA, naturally migrates in your body to the gland or organ from which it was derived, much like stem cells. There it provides healing benefits that make these supplements amazingly unique.

In effect, heart extract help your heart. Thyroid extract helps your thyroid. Adrenal extract helps your adrenal glands, and even plant micro-RNA helps various parts of your body, and so on. But just about no nutritional supplements, including all those in stores and online, contain any protomorphogens or micro-RNA. That is because they are simply a chemical fraction of the whole nutrient, or they have been processed in a manner that destroys any micro-RNA’s.

Ignored Facts About Genetic Supplements
Surprisingly, only tiny amounts of genetic material from food and supplements are needed to powerfully influence your organs, glands, and health. A fraction of the weight of a period at the end of a sentence written with a pencil is all that is needed. These facts about whole food, tissue extract, protomorphogen, and microRNA supplements have been known for a long time. The first text on the subject, Protomorphology, the Principles of Cell Regulation, was written in 1947.
Here are a few facts:

  1. These kinds of supplements are extracts that contain genetic protein-like substances that powerfully influence your organs and glands.
  2. These substances are definitely absorbed through your intestines intact to reach your bloodstream.
  3. Once in your blood these substances act specifically on “target tissues” in your body, influencing the health and function of the tissues, glands, and organs in need of repair.
  4. It takes as little as a few nanograms, a small fraction of a pencil dot, to get the job done.
  5. Most nutritional supplements do not work because they do not contain any of this material.
  6. All the supplements I’ve been using for 35 years contain the entire spectrum of nutritional substances, as well as this genetic material.