Poisoning Yourself So Sweetly: The Stealth Diseases

We had a patient who was slowly becoming sick and sicker. She had basically retreated to the couch because she was almost too uncoordinated to walk, any movement caused severe pain, and she suffered daily spasms throughout her stomach and gut. She doctored everywhere, had biopsies, muscles studies, x-rays, brain scans, blood tests and more. All tests were normal, and she was told she could be suffering from multiple sclerosis or other diseases that were still undiagnosed but were killing her. No one asked this woman what she ate or drank.

I discovered that she was consuming 8-12 diet sodas daily, and I ordered her to stop immediately. After 2 days she could walk. Within a week her spasms quit. Within 2 weeks her pains was 80% gone. And after a month—approximately 4 years after her suffering began—she was about 95% back to normal. The lesson here was profound—diet soda was killing her.

Most people can endure aspartame, the main sweetener in diet sodas and marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, and other brand names. But for some people who are genetically or metabolically susceptible to the dangers of aspartame, drinking diet sodas can kill them. They will become desperately sick and possibly die from what is wrongly diagnosed as multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, dyskinesia, seizures, tinnitus, chronic fatigue syndrome and other stealth diseases. They will endure endless medical treatment for their “diseases” making their conditions and lives worse. And all the while the underlying cause of their problem—chronic aspartame poisoning—will foment and continue to go undiagnosed.

Today stealth diseases such as MS and lupus are rampant in America. And the mass consumption of diet sodas—with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi leading the way—coincides with these near epidemics. Most sufferers do not know that aspartame may be the culprit behind their conditions. And all along they are being poisoned so sweetly.

Although you may never know it, you may never hear about it, and your doctor may never tell you about it, the health of millions of Americans is being destroyed by diet sodas. We have seen hundreds of people get better after quitting diet sodas. Aside from the symptoms of MS, lupus, etc., patients routinely suffer from cramps, vertigo, dizziness, neuritis, chronic pain, tinnitus, anxiety/depression, vision/hearing problems, memory loss, headaches, overweight, worsening diabetes, seizures and more. And all this is worse with pregnant women, infants and kids! I have seen babies in their strollers sucking on diet soda out of a baby bottle! You would think that even the most ignorant of us would understand that this must be bad. But with many doctors telling mothers that it really doesn’t matter what your child eats or drinks, future degenerative disease suffers are getting a head start before they can even walk!

What to Do

If you are sick at all, and you consume diet sodas, what you need to is obvious—quit! This may not be so easy since these concoctions are habit forming. But before you set out on a months-to-years medical downward spiral, with lots of unnecessary and invasive test, even more treatment and monumental numbers of prescription drugs(our first patient had taken 19 prescription drugs), give your body a chance to heal by quitting aspartame and diet sodas.

Quite frankly, quit all soda. These concoctions are like holding a loaded chemical gun to your health. They interfere with your stomach’s acid production, the way your body uses calcium—which is critical to just about every single reaction in your body, your acid/alkaline balance, your critical phosphorus-to-calcium levels in your blood, your kidney function, your glucose levels, and much more. Diet sodas are a disaster, but regular sodas loaded with sugar are almost as bad.

You will need to stop all the soft drinks, and also reading food labels, since aspartame is included in over 5,000 foods and products on store shelves. To date, no one really knows how long aspartame is stored in the body. So your very best protocol is to simply go on our recommended 3-week purification program to eliminate aspartame and all other chemicals and poisons from your body. This program also enhances your detoxification mechanisms so that stored poisons can be excreted more readily. And it will show you simply and easily just what to eat and drink so that you don’t have to worry about any hidden poisons in the food products that you consume. To get started, just call our office or send a self-addressed, stamped (with two stamps) envelope and write PURIFICATION PROGRAM.

The Purification Program is a very wise investment in your health. I do it every year. It will help you normalize blood sugar, restore energy levels, detoxify chemicals such as aspartame from your system, lose 10-20 pounds, sharpen your thinking and brain, begin to eliminate bags under your eyes, learn how to eat healthfully and finally kick the soda habit.

After you finish the 3-week Purification Program, be sure not to go back to your old habits. As I’ve said, thousands of processed foods are laced with aspartame. And since aspartame is coming off its Monsato patent, you can expect thousands more aspartame additives will be put into foods by other food processors. So read label, and avoid anything with aspartame in it. Or put another way, eat a whole foods diet.

Protect Children from Aspartame

Do not let your kids or grandkids consume sodas, especially diet sodas. These are arguably the worst substances kids can consume. If your children drink these poisons and are hyper active, have attention deficit disorder(ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), or learning disorders, remove the soda before embarking on any medical treatments. Uncontrollable anger and rage, pain attacks and even volatile tempers in children can be caused by aspartame. And if kids drink these poisons and have any of the other conditions listed in this article, give them a chance by eliminating this potential cause before starting any prescription drug therapy.

Follow the Money

I am a free-market kind of guy. But lots of free-market enterprise has gone too far. Food processing and chemical industries fund medical organization—making it difficult for doctors to criticize their chemical products. These corporations fund the campaigns of our legislators through their powerful drug and chemical lobbies. And we all know that in politics—the public be damned—it is all about the money.

A relatively simple and common sense bill was introduced to require warnings that aspartame was in a food product. It also called for independent studies on the known aspartame dangers regarding brain chemistry, seizures, neurological problems, and behavioral symptoms—something that all parents need to know. The bill was killed.

The money grab begins with products that are toxic and addictive. It then spread as other companies produce more of these products. Then more money is made as kids get sick and are treated and drugged. Drug treatment for children ensures that more money will be sent as they grow older since their brains are altered, often permanently. As more toxic products are produced to make “non-foods” sweeter, longer lasting and more desirable, more money is made by food processors. Finally surgeons, internists, cardiologists, and others cash in as the poisoned public is scanned, screened, and treated right up to the grave for degenerative diseases cause by chronic poisoning.

You don’t have to be a part of this. Maintaining good health is difficult enough with chronic poisoning. Just throw this junk away.